Hair maintenance projects are relatively easy if you know what you need to do. Indeed, with all the available advertisements highlighting the vibrant business of hair products, it can lead to confusion to choose one of the products. However, there are basic concepts when it comes to taking care of hair that everyone, both male and female, should comprehend. These concepts involve no chemicals, making it safe in the long run. Of course, chemicals also play an important role to get that shiny hair. But overexposure to it only leads to damage.

a woman and hairdryer

The basic concepts of maintenance include proper cleansing and natural remedies. This way, one does not have to worry about choosing one among the many products only to find the best. Please remember that changing products regularly means forcing your hair to adapt to heavy chemicals. If it happens, future damages become possible. Thus, to avoid such a scenario, below are the ways how to take care of your crown.

Proper Cleansing

a hairdryer and brushCleansing is one of the fundamental secrets behind healthy and shiny hair. The explanation is pretty simple as dirt, or improper cleansing will only lead to the unhealthy scalp. When this happens, several issues may appear, such as dandruff and itches. Fleas are also attracted to the dirty scalp. Thus, proper washing is vital to start your natural hair journey and even a perfect initial step to start your day.

Deep conditioning is also needed to moisturize and protect your hair from pollution. As we live in today’s unhealthy environment where smokes and dirt are everywhere, applying conditioner after washing your hair is highly advisable as a way to protect it from damage. You can pick one product that you like the most and use it right after rinsing the shampoo with water. When your hair is still wet, that is the best time to apply the product.

Natural Remedies

There are also natural remedies that you can use to prevent damages. Apple cider vinegar, for instance, is famous for its ability to treat dandruff and prevent itches. You can use the product to wash your scalp once in a month to get the best results. Applying the remedies more than once a month is not recommended since it will make your scalp too oily. Coconut oil can also make a good natural treatment to prevent split ends. Although many argue that treating split ends can only be fixed by trimming the ends, but the oil proves to be useful to prevent the breakage.