The room for growth always has space. This is, especially in the career field. One may be at a certain job for a while, and they feel that they would like to try something new. The initiative for career growth comes from within and may not be initiated by your employer. The following are tips on growing your career.

Growing your career

Talk to your employer


One should have a meeting with their employer to discuss their future in the company. This may also involve sharing your career goals with them so that the employer understands from what perspective they will offer you help to achieve your career goals.

Doing more than your job description

This may require one to volunteer working in the other departments whenever they have a chance. This makes one’s value in the organization increase to greater heights. In addition to that, when one asks for more work it brings the notion that you are working in every way possible to ensure that the organization meets its goals. This will make you be considered should there be an opportunity for a promotion.

Volunteering on boards

If the career you have now is not what you want to be in future, it is a chance for one to seek an opportunity to volunteer on advisory boards handling that which you want to be in future. This makes one have a better chance of getting career advancement whenever they are a position in the company of the board on which they volunteer since it shows dedication to that particular industry.

Hone your people skills

Sometimes promotions do not dwell on educational success. Having strong interpersonal skills may be that which is needed for people to notice you and give you an opportunity at a higher office. Strong interpersonal skills involve being friendly and outgoing, being a people person and also being an effective communicator.


For one to grow in their career, they need the help of other people. This calls for strategic networking. This can be achieved by joining professional organizations where one can meet people who are excelling in their career field. Interacting with them gives one a better chance of being considered should opportunities arise.

Have a mentor

Mentorship is also one of the ways of making steps in your career. Mentors are ready to challenge you to go for higher career posts. They are also instrumental in offering career guidance so that they see you excel in your career. The mentors do not have to be necessarily from your work place; you can get them from any other place.


This involves thinking outside the box. Be alert for any solutions that one can come up with for problems that are in the world today. It will be a direct ticket to being your boss.

Be a brand

Work on yourself to be a brand that people will love to associate you with. Let your successful endeavors market you to greater positions of power and influence. Always be ready to learn something new to add on what you have already learned.